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We respect your privacy and ask only questions that will directly impact how we illuminate your home.  Feel free to share as much or as little as you like.

Please do not leave this page before submitting your Project Survey below.  Otherwise, you will have to re-enter all information.

Does anyone have any eye-related issues we need to be awear of?
Is this your secondary home?

If you answered yes above, how often do you plan on staying there and for how long?

Getting to know your PROJECT TEAM

It is our goal to seamlessly blend into the process and work with your project team to create a fantastic lighting design. Please, if you could, list members who may need to be involved in this process.



A/V Integrator

Interior Designer

Other Contractor

Do you have anything else to share WITH US?

Please share any documents or links you may have to aid in our process.

You may send them to:

Pintrest Board

Houzz Idea Book



Pintrest Board

Houzz Idea Book



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